The Douglas and Judith Krupp Library iPad Program

The library is pleased to offer Apple iPads!  We currently have seven iPad2s and five iPad minis.

  • iPads are available to Bryant students, faculty, and staff
  • iPads are loaned on a first-come-first-serve basis
  • iPads have a one-week loan period with an optional one-week renewal

Want to learn more about the Apple iPad? Click here!  

What is an iPad?

  • The Apple iPad is tablet computer designed for surfing the Internet, watching video, reading e-books, listening to iTunes, and more
  • The iPad is thin, lightweight, and slightly smaller than a standard magazine
  • The iPad features a high-resolution screen with easy-to-use Multi-Touch functionality
  • The iPad’s backlit LED display is ideal for viewing movies, flipping through photos, and searching the web

With the iPad, You Can...

  • Zoom in, zoom out, and explore the planet with the Google Earth app
  • Catch up on the latest news using the Wall Street Journal app
  • Get a global perspective with the BBC News app
  • Choose from over 620,000 books in the Amazon Kindle store with the Kindle app
  • Stream your favorite music from your Pandora account
  • Enjoy movies and TV shows from your Netflix instant queue
  • Log in to your Blackboard account to access course materials with the Blackboard Mobile app
  • Explore the periodic table with the  interactive Elements app
  • Analyze the world’s markets with the Bloomberg app
  • Plan trips to Vienna, Paris, Munich, and more using the Lonely Planet City Guides apps
  • Discover local restaurants with the Urban Spoon app




iPad Care 101

  • Extremely low or high temperatures can temporarily cause the iPad to stop working properly.  Avoid exposure to  humidity and dramatic temperature changes.  Please don't leave the iPad in a parked car.
  • Don’t use the iPad in the rain, and be careful not to spill any liquids on it.  If the iPad gets wet, unplug all cables and let it dry completely before turning it back on.  Never use a hair dryer or microwave to dry the iPad!
  • To clean the iPad, use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth.  Avoid getting moisture in openings, and don’t use solvents, glass cleaners, aerosol sprays, ammonia, or abrasives.
  • For more information, please see the iPad User Guide.




iPad Bulldog


Do you have questions about our iPads? 

Suggestions for new apps?

Contact us with your iPad feedback!

circdesk@bryant.edu or 401.232.6125