The library provides ten Lenovo ThinkPad laptops to currently enrolled students for use within the facility. To borrow a laptop, the user needs a valid Bryant University ID card and must be in good standing with the library. Laptops:

  • are available at Borrower Services
  • may not be reserved in advance
  • may be borrowed for 7 days
  • may be renewed for 7 days
  • Do not duplicate any software from the laptop
  • Save everything to a USB flash drive. All non-standard program files will be removed
  • Notify staff if the laptop is damaged as soon as the damage is found

We also have a laptop available for student use here in the laptop reserve collection that is equipped with a speech recognition software called Dragon Naturally Speaking (version 10.0);  The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) uses this software and they have arranged, through Info Tech, for us to have it installed on a student laptop here.



iPad Bulldog


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