Bryant University and Copyright


Bryant University strictly prohibits the unauthorized copying of copyrighted materials in all mediums. Such means include photocopying, unauthorized broadcasting, streaming and transmission of video and multimedia materials beyond the scope of license. Any person found to be illegally copying protected materials may face civil and criminal penalties under Title 17. Additionally, any party found to be infringing will face disciplinary action from the University which may include student or staff discipline. A “take down” policy has been implemented that allows the University to comply with a copyright owner's demand that an infringer cease and desist from copying. This action is in accord with the Digital Millennium Act 17 U.S.C. § 102 et seq. as well as the Teach Act, 17 U.S.C. § 110 which require service providers to take action to insure proper copyright policies are in effect. Unauthorized downloading is unauthorized copying and this prohibition is independent of the form or medium, including but not limited to software, music, photographs, video, film, sound, graphics, text, and books. Any person copying, recording, duplicating, burning or otherwise exploiting any protected works of authorship may be removed from the University computer system and may further face civil or criminal penalties, and disciplinary proceedings

Contact Person

Richard Siedzik, Director of Information Security, is the designated copyright contact for Bryant University.  He can be contacted at  in the event of infringement, for archival of materials under the Teach Act, and regarding related concerns as to copyright policy.

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