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Compare and contrast citation styles with Duke University's guide .

Douglas and Judith Krupp Library citation examples - MLA, APA, Chicago

Annotated Bibliographies & Literature Reviews

The Annotated Bibliography
Guide to the annotated bibliography process from Cornell University.

OWL at Purdue
Overview, examples, and samples of APA and MLA annotated bibliographies from Purdue University.

Writing a Literature Review
Bryant University resources and helpful links for writing a literature review.

APA Style

OWL at Purdue
Examples of print and electronic resource citation from Purdue University.

Citing Business Databases
Examples of citations hosted by the Michigan State University Business Library.

MLA Style

OWL at Purdue
Examples of print and electronic source citation from Purdue University.

MLA Guide Williams College
Gives in-text and works cited citation examples

Citing Business Databases
Examples of citations hosted by the Maag Library.

Chicago Manual of Style

OWL at Purdue

Harvard Business School Citation Guide This site contains citation formats for 10-K reports, annual reports and many other business related resources. It uses the Chicago Style for examples.

Online Chicago Manual of Style
This site includes print and online source citation examples.

Turabian Style

Turabian Parenthetical/Reference List Style

This site includes print and online source citation examples hosted by the Georgetown University Library.

PNAS Style

PNAS Guide for Bryant University Department of Science and Technology

PNAS is the standard style for the Bryant Science and Technology Department. This guide is your first stop for PNAS style questions.

PNAS Style Guide

This is the official format for PNAS. See the Manuscript Format section for details.

ACS Style

ACS Style Guide

This is the site for the official American Chemical Society Style Guide. See here for the chapter on citing references in ACS.

CAS Source Index (CASSI) Search Tool

The CAS Source Index (CASSI) Search Tool is an online resource intended to support researchers and librarians who need accurate bibliographic information. Save time and effort. Locate the bibliographic details you need quickly and easily. Search by Title, Abbreviation, CODEN, ISBN, or ISSN. Note that there is a limit of 100 answers per search, so it is recommended that you make your search as specific as possible.

AMA Style

OWL at Purdue: AMA Style

These resources provide guidance on how to cite sources using American Medical Association (AMA) Style, 10th Ed., including examples for print and electronic sources.

AMA Reference Citation Format

AMA citation tip sheet from New York Medical College Health Sciences Library.

APS Style

APS Style Guide

This is a great site for examples from the American Physiological Society guide.

Citing Sources in Presentations

Best Practices for Citing Sources in Presentations

Information must be cited in presentations too. The FAQ guide answers why you need to cite sources, how to cite sources in oral & visual presentations, and how to use images and other media types legally in a presentation.