Classroom Virtual Reality Viewers

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Overview: Using Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Students using VR at Bryant Educators are just beginning to explore how to use Virtual Reality in the classroom, while developers are creating new experiences daily for users to explore. Entry-level viewer headsets enable faculty to offer virtual reality experiences in the Bryant classroom with minimum preparation, allowing the class to focus on the experience without worrying about the technology. Faculty can take classes on a virtual field trip to explore a historical or distant location, immerse students in a story, explore the new field of virtual reality journalism, or investigate models of complex systems in ways that physical reality does not allow.

Explore the library’s Guide to Virtual Reality Apps and Web Sites to learn more about how faculty can use virtual reality in class, or talk to a Bryant Library subject liaison .

Instructions: Bryant Library Classroom Virtual Reality Viewers

Faculty can check out a set of 35 Knox V2 Virtual Reality Viewers at the Douglas and Judith Krupp Library for classroom use. The VR Viewers are Google Cardboard certified, enabling users to transform a smart phone into an immersive VR engine. The VR Viewers are compatible with most phones and VR apps available on the iOS and Android platforms.

Knox V2 Virtual Reality Viewer Instruction Sheet

Faculty Tips: Using Virtual Reality in the Classroom

  • Download content in advance to avoid Wi-Fi access problems.
  • Place phones in airplane mode to disable phone alerts that can distract or pause the virtual reality experience.
  • Be prepared for negative physical side effects, including headaches or slight nausea. Taking a short break or pausing movement during the experience can help.

Assessment: What's Next for Virtual Reality at Bryant

The Douglas and Judith Krupp Library would like to learn more about students' use and perception of virtual reality in the classroom to improve library services. After using the VR Viewers with your class, please ask your students to complete this short, anonymous survey:

Bryant Library Student VR Viewer Survey