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Association & Government Sites

American Association of Individual Investors
Resources to instruct individual investors, including reports from financial experts, publications on investing strategies, and broker guides.

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
The largest non-governmental regulator for all securities firms doing business in the U.S.  FINRA was formed by the 2007 consolidation of NASD and the member regulation, enforcement, and arbitration functions of the NYSE.

Finance articles and resources for understanding mortgages, loans, investing, and more.   Also includes a Finance Directory with links to useful finance sites.

NYSE Euronext
The world's leading equities market site.

Securities and Exchange Commission
SEC rules and regulatory information, the EDGAR database of public company filings, and additional news and litigation information. This site also includes a number of tools and tips for investors.

Securitites Industry and Financial Markets Association
The trade association for the securities industry with more than 650 member firms from the U.S. and around the world.  Click on the Research link to access research & data and reports on the securities industry. 

Exchange and Interest Rate Sites

Bloomberg Benchmark Currency Rates
Current comparison cross rates of eight major world currencies.

European Central Bank Foreign Exchange Reference Rates
Exchange rate currencies quoted against the Euro.

Universal Currency Converter
Easily convert one currency, in any amount, to its equivalent in another country's currency.  Great tool for travelers.

Bank Rate Monitor
Tools to compare mortgage rates, home equity loans, credit cards, and money market accounts.

Federal Reserve Statistical Release H.15 Selected Interest Rates (Daily)
Selected interest weekly rates are posted on Monday with daily updates provided Tuesday through Friday

Bond Sites

Bonds Online
"The" resource for fixed income research. Bonds Online includes quotes, bond news, and answers to FAQs on bonds.

Information on U.S. Savings Bonds, T-Bills, and Treasury Notes; includes rates, payback dates, cancellations, and purchase details.

Investing in Bonds
Information on municipal, corporate, and treasury bonds. The municipal and corporate sections have a searchable, browsable, and sortable report of daily transactions and a bond glossary.

Standard & Poor's Bond Reports
Bond screener is also available at this site.


Commodities, Futures, and Options Sites

CME Group
The CME is a major U.S. commodity exchange that was formed by the merger of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade.

The IntercontinentalExchange
The IntercontinentalExchange, as stated on their website, "operates regulated global futures exchanges and over-the-counter (OTC) markets for agricultural, energy, equity index and currency contracts, as well as credit derivatives".

Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
An independent U.S. government agency that regulates the commodities and futures markets in the United States.  The site contains a consumer protection link and an education center.

Futures Source
Commodity portal that includes news, market announcements, charting tools, quotes, and a discussion forum. You must register to gain access to portions of the free information.


Market News

Financial reporting and access to full-text articles from Bloomberg columnists on assorted financial topics. The news includes an "Earnings News" calendar of scheduled earnings announcements, "Stocks on the Move", and "Tech Stocks" sections.

Includes national and international financial news, investment analysis, and industry watch, and personal finance information.

Dow Jones Indexes
Access history and general information about the Dow indexes as well as charts of current index data.

Google Finance
Google's finance site provides today's business news, top gainers and losers, sector summaries, and more.

A comprehensive market site providing news and commentary, a daily market overview and summary, tools & research for screening stocks and markets, and much more.

Mutual Fund Sites

Investment Company Institute (ICI)
One  part of the mission of ICI is..."promoting public understanding of mutual funds and other investment companies."  The Investor Education section of the site contains articles explaining different aspect of mutual fund investing.

The leader in mutual fund data and ratings.  With a free membership to this site, users can track investments, access daily market news and commentary, view snapshots on investments and interact in online forums.

Mutual Fund Investor's Center
A site from the Mutual Fund Education Alliance.  Learn the basics of mutual fund investing and/or link to education topics, worksheets, calculators, and commentary on a variety of mutual fund topics.

Stock Sites

Kiplinger's Investing Site
Access articles, stock purchase suggestions, market information and stock quotes at this personal finance site.

The Motley Fool
Started by brothers David and Tom Gardner in 1993, the Motley Fool provides news, education and commentary for investors.  Its CAPS stock-rating service provides Motley Fool community members insight into their ratings on more than 5,000 stocks.

The Wall Street Journal: Markets Data Center 
Click on the U.S. Stocks tab located on the top menu bar to obtain data on stocks, IPOs, industries and sectors, and more.  This site also includes data on international markets, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, commodities & futures, currencies, and earnings.

Yahoo! Finance: Historical Prices
Tabular data on daily, weekly, and monthly stock prices that can be downloaded into a spreadsheet format.


Terminology of Wall Street

Investor Words
A searchable glossary of approximately 6,000 terms and 20,000 cross-references to investment/finance words.

Investopedia Dictionary
Includes a comprehensive financial dictionary, articles on investing, and tutorials for beginning and advanced investors.

An investor education site that simplifies basic investing concepts.  Sections of the site are devoted to index funds, stock valuation, understanding annual reports, and volatility.  

Motley Fool Glossary
Definitions written for the novice investor from the pair that make investing fun.


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