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Industry Codes

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) classifies industries and products using a numerical code.  At the product level, this is usually 6 digits.  For example, the NAICS for soft drinks is 312111.

The North American Product Classification System is a numerical demand-oriented product classification system.  Currently there are 71 developed product lists.

The Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States provides statistical categories for all merchandise imported into the United States.


Industry Overviews and Outlook

Career Guide to Industries
Reports on occupations in different industries, including  training and advancement in the industry, earnings, expected job prospects, and working conditions. Industry Information
Current industry information and trade leads to help U.S. businesses market and export goods and services abroad. 

Industries at a Glance
A site from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that provides data and information on 100 industries.

IRS Industries & Professions Page

Provides trends & statistics, tax tips, and more valuable information on particular industries.

Industry Statistics

2007 Economic Census
Data collected every 5 years by the U.S. Census Bureau.  The economic census provides "a detailed portrait of the Nation's economy" that includes data on the number of establishments in each industry within specific geographic locations, total employees, payroll, and more.
One of the best free sites for obtaining industry ratios and income-expense statements for corporations, S-corps, and sole proprietorships.  Also provides a tool to input a sales figure, business type, and industry and then obtain a profit and loss statement showing industry average breakdowns and target dollar levels.

County Business Patterns
Search by zip code, county, or metro area to locate the number of establishments and the number of employees and total payroll per establishment. Provides a snapshot of business activity on the local level.

Current Industrial Reports
Provides quantity produced and value of shipments (in thousands of dollars) for various products.

Industrial R&D
Published by the National Science Foundation, this series reports on trends in research & development performed by industry.

Industry Quick Reports
Summary data from the 2002 Economic Census on industries arranged by geography, industry description, and product.

The 2012 Statistical Abstract of the United States
The leading government compendium summary of statistics.  The publication includes easy to find data charts on various topics related to industrial activity in the United States.


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