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General Literature Directories

Literary Resources on the Net
Includes links in the following content areas: Classical & Biblical, Medieval, Renaissance, Eighteenth-Century, Romantic, Victorian (British), Twentieth-Century (British & Irish), American, Theatre and Drama, Theory, Women's Literature & Feminism, Ethnicities & Nationalities, Other National Literatures, Bibliography & History of the Book, and Hypertext.


Contemporary Post-Colonial and Post-Imperial Literature in English
A collection of materials on recent postcolonial and postimperial literature in English

Reading Women Writers and African Literature
An overview of African women writers writing in French, South of the Sahara.

Women Romantic-Era Writers
Includes Electronic Texts by Women Writers; Annuals, Anthologies and Gift Books; Contemporary Responses to Women Writers; Electronic Text Archives; Cultural and Visual Resources; and links to Related Web Sites

Organizations and Associations

American Literature Association
A coalition of societies committed to exploring the richness and diversity of American writing and welcoming of all forms of scholarship

Poetry Society of America
Features an excellent resources section that includes links to: Poetry Journals, Poetry Publishers & Small Presses, Literary Organizations, Poetry Colonies, Conferences & Festivals, Contests, Creative Writing Programs, and Children's Poetry.


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