Student Assistant Alumni

Class of 2008-Present

Leslie Adetola - Class of 2010
Major: Finance and Accounting
Minor: Economics

"I like the staff."

Geena Albury - Class of 2011
Major: Accounting and Finance
Minor: Italian

"I like the idea of being able to assist people.  Also at the same time I get to learn so many things I might not have ever come to learn if I didn't work in reference."

Elena Barkalova - Class of 2011
Major: International Business
Minor: Spanish

Benjamin Bergman - Class of 2015
Major:  Accounting
Minor:  Spanish

"I like helping students in the library and learning about all the different features it has to offer."


Kaitlin Casey - Class of 2015
Major: Management
Minor: Psychology


Olivia Cuccaro - Class of 2017
Major: Finance
Minor: CIS & Communication


Melanie DeBarros - Class of 2014
Major:  Management and Politics & Law


Zachary Doyle - Class of 2016
Major: Actuarial Mathematics
Minor: Marketing & Business Administration

"One of the things I love about the library is that it is an open learning environment. I'm very curious, and so I enjoy being able to ask questions."


Michelle Dumas - Class of 2009
Major: Marketing
Minor: Psychology

"The thing I like about the job is helping people and making their time in the library less stressful than it has to be."

Michelle Dumas

Colby Dufour - Class of 2010
Major: Politics and Law
Minor: Business Administration and Communication

"I enjoy helping students."

Colleen Gaffney - Class of 2008
Major: Marketing
Minor: Communication

"What I really like about working at the reference desk is being able to help students and working with a nice, helpful staff."

Colleen Gaffney

Christopher Gambini - Class of 2009
Major: International Business
Minor: French

Andrew Golob - Class of 2013
Major: Accounting
Minor: Legal Studies

"I enjoy helping students with questions they may have."

Benjamin Kates - Class of 2016 
Major: Accounting
Minor: Spanish


Phillip Kim - Class of 2016 
Major: International Business
Minor: Finance


Timothy Laffin - Class of 2017
Major: Marketing
Minor: Psychology & Professional and Creative Writing

Joseph Lomuscio - Class of 2011
Major: Finance
Minor: Legal Studies

"I'm here to assist you."

Eva Mahan - Class of 2013
Major: Accounting
Minor: Economics 

Prashant Mehta - Class of 2011
Major: Finance
Minor: International Business

"I like assisting kids with their needs."

Adekemi Oyalabu - Class of 2012
Major: Accounting & Finance
Minor: Communication

"Working at the Reference Desk helps me develop essential communication skills that I use to assist my peers in their library use."

Bradley Padula - Class of 2016
Major: Finance
Minor: Entrepreneurship

"I enjoy Bryant because of the opportunities to grow as an individual inside and outside of the classroom."


Mandy Phan - Class of 2012
Major: International Business
Minor: Chinese and Psychology

"I like to work at the Reference Desk, because I love to help out and share my understanding with other students. Also, the staff at the library is wonderful. They are friendly and helpful."

German Polania-Guzman - Class of 2008
Major: Finance
Minor: Economics

German Polania-Guzman

Richie Radloff - Class of 2008
Major: Finance
Minor: Sociology

"I enjoy showing students what the library can do for them."

Richie Radloff

Daniel Romanow - Class of 2008
Major: Marketing
Minor: Psychology/Sociology

Daniel Romanow

Cassidy Rydberg - Class of 2011
Major: Marketing
Minor: Psychology and History

"I like working at the reference desk because it allows me to interact with students and help people which I enjoy doing very much.  Plus I work with really amazing people, which makes it fun!"

Naa Amerley Sackey - Class of 2010 
Major: Politics and Law 
Minor: Business Administration

"I like being able to answer people's questions and help them out... I have learned so much about the Library that is beneficial to me personally..."

Dhara Shah - Class of 2012
Major: Business Administration, Concentration in Accounting
Minor: Legal Studies

"I love the atmosphere and the structure of the Library: everything is organized and in place. As for Bryant, I like having the independence of making my choices every day."

Aline Silveira - Class of 2017
Major: International Business Finance
Minor: Political Science


Caroline Slak - Class of 2016
Major: Entrepreneurship
Minor: Sociology


Shana-Kay Smith - Class of 2013
Major: Accounting

Sarah Stokowski - Class of 2017
Major: Accounting
Minor: Legal Studies

Graduate Studies: MPAC Program

"I enjoy being a resource for students and faculty at Bryant.  There is so much that the library has to offer!"


Brooke Tomasetti - Class of 2015
Major: Marketing 
Minor: Spanish & Environmental Science

"I like learning about all the great resources we have!" 


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