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A Dictionary of Biology
REF QH302.5 .D54 2008

Biology: Life on Earth, With Physiology
QH308.2 .A93 2011



The Facts on File Dictionary of Inorganic Chemistry
QD5 .F34 2004

The Vocabulary and Concepts of Organic Chemistry
QD291 .V63 2005

Lange's Handbook of Chemistry
QD65 .L36 2005

A Life Scientist's Guide to Physical Chemistry
QD456 .R68 2012

General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry: Structures of Life
QD33.2 .T56 2010

Sample Preparation Techniques in Analytical Chemistry
QD75.4.S24 S26 2003



Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry
REF QD415.A25 E53 2004 v. 1-4

Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
REF QP512 .O94 1997

Handbook of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
REF QH345 .H347 2010

Molecular Cell Biology
QH581.2 .M655 2012



The Firefly Encyclopedia of Astronomy
REF QB14 .F48 2004

Collins Dictionary of Astronomy - e-resource

Philip's Atlas of the Universe - e-resource


Weather and Climate

Encyclopedia of Weather and Climate
REF QC854 .A45 2007 v. 1 & 2

Understanding Weather and Climate
QC861.3 .A38 2010



Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues: Ecology and Ecosystems
QH541 .E3225 2011

Environmental Encyclopedia - e-resource



The Facts on File Dictionary of Botany
REF QK9 .F33 2002

Fundamentals of Plant Science
QK47 .G53 2009

Concise Encyclopedia of Plant Pathology - e-resource



McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Geology and Mineralogy
QE5 .M3654 2003

Essentials of Geology
QE28 .M3415 2004



The Penguin Dictionary of Physics - e-resource

Encyclopedia of Physics
REF QC5 .R596 2004



The Facts on File Dictionary of Marine Science
REF GC9 .F28 1988

Philip's Guide to the Oceans - e-resource


Scientific Research and Writing

How Science Works: Evaluating Evidence in Biology and Medicine
QH324 .J46 2004

Biological Resource Centers: Knowledge Hubs for the Life Sciences - e-resource

The ACS Style Guide: Effective Communication of Scientific Information
REF QD8.5 .A25 2006


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