Tax Information - Reference Resources

American Federal Tax Reports
Tax Aisle HJ 2362 .A55

Federal Tax Regulations
Tax Aisle HJ 3251 .A35

Internal Revenue Code
Tax Aisle HJ 3251 .A29

Internal Revenue Cumulative Bulletin
Tax Aisle KF 6301.9 .B8 U5

Law of Federal Income Taxation
Tax Aisle KF 6365 .M45

Reports of the United States Board of Tax Appeals
Tax Aisle KF 6324 .V86

Reports of the United States Tax Court
Tax Aisle KF 6324 .V681

Standard Federal Tax Reporter
Tax Aisle HJ 4652 .C7345

State Tax Handbook
Tax Aisle KF 6750 .Z95 C6

Tax Court Memorandum Decisions
Tax Aisle KF 6280 .A2 C6

Tax Court Reporter
Tax Aisle KF 6285 .C675

Tax Management Portfolios
Tax Aisle KF 6289 .A1 T35

Tax Planning Strategies
Tax Aisle KF 6296 .A15 Y435

U.S. Master Tax Guide
Tax Aisle KF 6369 .A1 C6

U.S. Tax Cases
Tax Aisle HJ 3237 .A3 C6


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