Web Evaluation

Why do I need to evaluate my sources?

Anyone can create a web page. Anyone can publish information online. When you use a book or another traditional library resource, a librarian has gone through an evaluation process for you. When YOU find a resource online, you must evaluate it before you use it to make sure that it meets the same standards that you would expect for a book, article, or other information resource. Use the tools below to help find the best information for your research.

Using the 5 Ws to Evaluate Online Content

Remember the 5 W's from your high school newspaper days? Use this worksheet to investigate a web site that you find online.

The CRAAP Test

Developed by Sarah Blakeslee at the University of California, the CRAAP Test focuses on five criteria (currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose) to evaluate information.

Evaluating CRAAP

When you are evaluating a source, context matters. Use this worksheet to brainstorm what you need, then use the CRAAP test to evaluate the sources that you located.


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