Bryant Commencement Speakers and Honorary Degree Recipients, 1960 - 1979

Year Bryant Commencement Speakers and Honorary Degree Recipients Title Speakers and Honorary Degrees Undergrad or Graduate School
1960 Derthick, Lawrence G, U.S. Commissioner of Education 1956-1961 S,H U
1960 Butzel, Leo Martin Attorney-at-Law, Detroit, Michigan H U
1960 Gerry, Louis Cardell President, Rhode Island Hospital H U
1960 Browning, Harold William Vice President, University of Rhode Island 1942-1962 H U
1960 Bauer, Margaret Hopkins Dean of Portia Law School and Calvin Coolidge College H U
1961 Ribicoff, Abraham A. United States Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare 1961-1962 S,H U
1961 Kilcup, Ernest I.  President, The Davol Rubber Company H U
1961 Menagh, Louis R. President, The Prudential Insurance Company of America 1961-1962 H U
1961 Horn, Francis H. President, University of Rhode Island1958-1967 H U
1961 Mayo, Edmund Cooper Chairman of the Board, The Gorham Corporation H U
1961 Martindell, Jackson Chairman of the Board, American Institute of Management H U
1961 Gilman, Hector A. Vice President, Industrial National Bank H U
1962 Keeney, Barnaby C. President, Brown University 1955-1966 S,H U
1962 Pell, Claiborne United States Senator, 1961-1997 H U
1962 Gaige, William C. President, Rhode Island College H U
1962 Glynn, Grace M. Director of Adult Education, Rhode Island H U
1962 Mirando, Felix A. President, Imperial Knife Company H U
1963 Neilan, Edwin P. President, Chamber of Commerce of the United States S,H U
1963 Drake, Stanley J. President, Drake College of Florida H U
1963 Pierrel, Rosemary Dean of Pembroke College in Brown University 1961-1971 H U
1963 Donovan, James Britt International Attorney-At-Law, Liberator of Cuban Prisoners H U
1963 Sorrentino, Vincent Chairman of the Board and Treasurer, Uncas Manufacturing Company H U
1963 Stephenson, Marion Vice-President, Administration, Radio Network National Broadcasting Company, Inc. H U
1963 Peterson, Esther Assistant Secretary , U.S. Department of Labor H U
1964 Sarnoff, Robert W. Chairman of the Board, National Broadcasting Company S,H U
1964 Paolino,Thomas J.  Associate Justice, Rhode Island Supreme Court H U
1964 Palmer, Elmwood A. Executive Vice-President, Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce H U
1964 Semenenko, Serge Vice Chairman, First National Bank of Boston H U
1964 Jones, Donald S. President, Commercial Credit Corporation H U
1965 Webster, William Chairman and Chief Executive, New England Electric System S,H U
1965 Keyserling, Leon H. Consulting Economist and Attorney at Law H U
1965 Keyserling, Mary Dublin Director of the Women's Bureau, United States Department of Labor H U
1965 Mortola, Edward J. President, Pace College 1960-1984 H U
1965 Post, Charles A. Chairman of the Board, Citizens Savings Bank H U
1965 Whalen, Joseph D.A. Director of Bostich Company, and Community Leader H U
1965 Brown, Edwin C. Secretary-Treasurer, Rhode Island AFL-CIO H U
1966 Haas, William Paul President, Providence College 1965-1971 S,H U
1966 Yeager, C. Robert President, L.G. Balfour Company 1960- H U
1966 Wolgin, Jack L. Chairman of the Board, Sunasco Incorporated H U
1966 Thompson, Rupert C. Jr. Chairman of the Board, Textron, Inc. H U
1966 Watkins, John Chester Anderson President and Publisher, The Providence Journal-Bulletin H U
1966 Brown, John Nicholas President, Counting House Corporation H U
1966 Sharpe, Mary Elizabeth Civic Leader Devoted to Community Beautification H U
1967 Morabito, Ugo Commercial Minister of the Italian Embassy S,H May 7, 1967
1967 Gabetti, Gianluigi President, Olivetti Underwood Corporation H May 7, 1967
1967 Levine, Joseph E. President of Embassy Pictures H May 7, 1967
1967 Arcaro, Harold C. Providence Attorney and Jurist H May 7, 1967
1967 Pieri, Louis A.R. President, Rhode Island Auditorium and the Providence Hockey Club H May 7, 1967
1967 Laurelli, Robert C. President, National Plumbing and Heating Supply Corp. H May 7, 1967
1967 Hefner, Ray President, Brown University 1966-1969 S,H U
1967 Knowles, Asa Smallidge President, Northeast University 1959-1975 H U
1967 Strider, Robert E.L. President, Colby College 1960-1979 H U
1967 Johnson, Howard W. President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1966-1971 H U
1967 Veigel, Ernest William Jr. Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Rochester Business Institute H U
1967 Appleby, R. Lucien Vice President and Treasurer, Bryant College H U
1967 Gifford, Clarence Hamilton Jr.  President, Rhode Island Hospital Trust Company H U
1967 Kite, William Lester Archdeacon, Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island H U
1968 Hodges, Luther H. President, Rotary International, Former United States Secretary of Commerce 1961-1965 S,H U
1968 Wangeman, Frank G. Senior Vice President, Hilton Hotels Corporation H U
1968 Bienecke, Walter Jr. Director and President, Osceola Operating Corporation H U
1968 Fishman, William S. President, Automatic Retailers of America, Inc. H U
1968 Martin, William John Chairman of the Board, South Shore National Bank H U
1968 Tupper, Earl S. Inventor and Industrialist H U
1968 Haupt, Enid A. Editor-in-Chief, Seventeen Magazine H U
1968 Hodgson, Percy President, Parkin Yarn Mill, Inc.  H U
1968 Kelley, George J. Senior Vice President, Swank, Inc. H U
1969 Mitchell, Hamilton Barnes President, Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. S,H U
1969 Jacobs, Eugene Gardner President Emeritus and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Bryant College H U
1969 Koontz, Elizabeth Duncan Director, Women's Bureau, United States Department of Labor H U
1969 Lee, Henry Joseph Professor of Accounting, Bryant College H U
1969 Miller, George William President and Chief Executive Officer, Textron, Inc. H U
1969 Nicholson, Paul Coe Jr. President, Nicholson File Company H U
1970 Appleby, Lawrence A. Chairman of the Board, American Management Association H U
1970 Procter, Samuel D, Professor of Education, Rutgers University H U
1970 Willard, Dorothy G. Advisory Partner, Touche Ross & Company H U
1970 Koffler, Sol President, American Luggage Works, Inc. H U
1970 O'Malley, Patrick L. President, Canteen Corporation H U
1970 McVinney, Russel J. Bishop of Providence 1948-1971 H U
1971 Bentley, Helen Delich Chairman, Federal Maritime Commission 1969-1975 S,H U
1971 Wiley, Alton William Rhode Island Attorney and Civic Leader H U
1971 Leviten, Samuel Chairman of the Board, Big G Food Stores H U
1971 Burke, Fred George Rhode Island Commissioner of Education 1971-1974 H U
1971 Andlinger, Gerhard Rudolf Chairman of the Board, Esterline Corporation H U
1971 Mercier, Lionel Henry Bryant Professor and Dean H Dec. 22, 1971
1972 Spain, Jayne Baker Vice Chairman, United States Civil Service Commission 1971- H U
1972 Cohn, Alvin W. Chairman of the Board, Continental Coffee Company H U
1972 Williamson, Frederick Clinton Director, Department of Community Affairs, State of Rhode Island H U
1972 Salmanson, Leonard I. President, Adams Drug Company H U
1972 Gulski, Nelson Joseph Dean of the College, Bryant College 1970, 1975-1976 H U
1972 Cornelius, Charles Boyer Board of Trustees; Senior V.Pres. of the R.I. Hospital Trust National Bank H Apr. 29, 1972
1972 Kreps, Juanita M. Member, Governing Board, NYSE; Economics Professor, Duke University H Oct. 11, 1972
1973 Franklin, Barbara Hackman Commissioner, Unites States Consumer Products Safety Commission H U
1973 Rosen, Samuel President, School House Candy Corporation H U
1973 Berberian, Artacky President, Manufacturers Supply Company H U
1973 Roberts, Thomas H. Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Rhode Island H U
1973 Hammond, F. Douglas Registrar, Bryant College H U
1973 Manion, Thomas A. Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Bryant College H U
1974 Burgess, John Melville Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts 1970-1975 H U
1974 Markoff, Helene S. Director, Federal Women's Program, U.S. Civil Service Commission H U
1974 Tanner, Frederick C. Chairman of the Board, Federal Products Corporation H U
1974 Levine, Irving R. National Broadcasting Company News Correspondent H U
1975 Boss, W. Russell Chairman of the Board, A.T. Cross Company H U
1975 Craig, George Clifford Dean of Admissions, Secretary of the Corporation, Bryant College H U
1975 Joslin, Alfred Hahn Associate Justice, Rhode Island Supreme Court H U
1975 McGillicuddy, John Francis President, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company H U
1975 Slater, John Hunter Founder, Former Chairman, President, Slater Food Service Management H U
1975 Stasio, Anthony S. Chief Counsel for Advocacy, United States Small Business Administration H U
1976 Burns, Arthur Frank Chairman of the Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System 1970-1978 S,H U
1976 McKillop, Lucille President, Salve Regina College 1973-1994 H U
1976 Heisler, William H. Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Citizens Bank H U
1976 Gardam, David J. Jr. Vice President, Industrial Relations for RCA H U
1976 Forbes, Malcolm S. President, Forbes Magazine H U
1977 Turner, Admiral Stansfield Director of Central Intelligence, United States of America 1977-1981 S,H U
1977 Grasso, Ella Governor, State of Connecticut 1975-1980 H U
1977 Peterson, Thomas R. President, Providence College 1971-1985 H U
1977 Haseoates, Demetrios Chairman of the Board, Cumberland Farms Dairy, Inc. H U
1977 Weisberger, Joseph R. Presiding Justice, Superior Court, Rhode Island  1972-1978 H U
1977 Wielgus, Charles Senior Vice-President, Dun and Bradstreet Companies, Inc. H U
1978 O'Brien, Lawrence F. Commissioner, National Basketball Association 1975-1984 S,H U
1978 Black, F. Robert Chairman and President, Moran Transportation Company H U
1978 Glassman, Frederick R. President, Ford Products Company H U
1978 Morton, Azie T. Treasurer, Unites States 1977-1981 H U
1978 Garrahy, J.Joseph Governor, Rhode Island 1977-1985 H U
1979 Marshall, F. Ray Secretary of Labor, United States 1977-1981 S,H U
1979 Chafee, John H. United States Senator, Rhode Island 1976-1999 H U
1979 Flanagan, William F. President Emeritus, Rhode Island Junior College H U
1979 Hooks, Benjamin L. Executive Director, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People 1977-1992 H U
1979 Kirk, Kenneth L. Vice-Chairman of the Board, Amtrol, Inc. H U
1979 Livingston, Martha S. General Campaign Chairman, United Way of Southeastern New England H U
1979 Wexler, Anne Assistant to the President of the United States H U