Bryant Commencement Speakers and Honorary Degree Recipients, 1980 - 1999

Year Bryant Commencement Speakers and Honorary Degree Recipients                                  Title Speakers and Honorary Degrees Undergrad
or Graduate School
1980 Agee, William M. Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Bendix Corporation 1977-1983 S,H U
1980 Sisco, Jean Head Partner, Sisco Associates H U
1980 Gelineau, Louis E. Roman Catholic Bishop, Diocese of Providence 1971-1998 H U
1980 Sullivan, William H. President, New England Patriots H U
1980 Murray, Pauli Lawyer, Educator, Author, Minister H U
1980 Sundlun, Bruce G. President and Chief Executive Officer, Outlet Company H U
1981 Rumsfield, Donald President & Chief Executive Officer, G.D. Searle and Company 1977-1985 S,H U
1981 Armbrust, Howard H. Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Armbrust Chain Company H U
1981 Pettine, Raymond J. Chief Judge, United States District Court 1966-1982 H U
1981 Quinn, Jane Bryant Editor, Columnist, Commentator H U
1981 St. Germain, Fernand J. Congressman, First District, State of Rhode Island 1961-1988 H U
1982 Kiplinger, Austin H. President, The Kiplinger Washington Letters S,H U
1982 Christiansen, Carl W. Founder, Christiansen and Company H U
1982 Jackson, Maynard H. Mayor, Atlanta Georgia 1974-1982, 1990-1994 H U
1982 Wang, An Chairman & President, Wang Laboratories H U
1982 Ylvisaker, Paul N. Dean of the Graduate School of Education, Harvard University H U
1982 Young, Robin News Correspondent, National Broadcasting Company H U
1983 Volcker, Paul A. Chairman, Federal Reserve System, United States of America 1979-1987 S,H U
1983 Collis, Charles A. President and Chief Executive Officer, Princess House, Inc. H U
1983 Duggan, Arthur L. President, Inn America Corporation H U
1983 Filer, John H. Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Aetna Life & Casualty Company H U
1983 Graves, Earl G. Publisher & Editor, Black Enterprise H U
1983 O'Toole, Bernard J. President & Treasurer, Standard Transportation Company H U
1983 Alibrandi, Joseph F.  President and Chief Executive Officer, Whittaker Corporation S,H G
1984 Casey, William J. Director, Central Intelligence, United States of America 1981-1987 S,H U
1984 Blount, Luther H. President, Blount Marine Corporation H U
1984 Bowsher, Charles A. Comptroller General, United States of America 1981-1996 H U
1984 Coulson, Robert President, American Arbitration Association S,H G
1984 Nicholas, Colombe M. President, Christian Dior, New York H
1985 Reals, Gail M. Chief of Staff, Marine Corps Development and Education Command, United States S,H U
1985 Ashe, Arthur R. Jr. Captain, United States Davis Cup Team and Wimbledon Tennis Champion H U
1985 Greenberg, Maurice R. President & Chief Executive Officer, American International Group 1967-2005 H U
1985 Hassenfeld, Alan G. President, Hasbro-Bradley, Inc. H U
1985 Hassenfeld, Stephen D. Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Hasbro-Bradley, Inc. 1980-1989 H U
1985 Katz, Lillian M. Founder & President, Lillian Vernon Corporation H U
1985 Schneider, Claudine C. Congresswoman, Second District, State of Rhode Island 1981-1991 H U
1985 Stone, W. Clement Chairman of the Board, Combined International Corporation S,H G
1986 Pastore, John O. 1985 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Associate Professor, Tufts University S,H G
1986 Janikies, Nicholas W. President, Jan. CO., Inc., Owner, 55 Burger King Restaurants H U
1986 Kanter, Rosabeth Moss Chairman of the Board, Goodmeasure, Inc. H U
1986 Procter, Barbera G. Entrepreneur H U
1986 Spring, Sherwood C. “Woody” NASA Astronaut H May 1, 1986
1987 DiPrete, Edward Rhode Island Governor, 1985–1991 H September 16, 1987
1987 Quinn, John Editor, USA Today H September 16, 1987
1987 Sullivan, Leon Reverend H October 2,  1987
1987 Baldrige, Letitia Owner, Letitia Baldrige Enterprises S,H U
1987 Bennett, Robert Co-Founder, Chairman, & Chief Executive Officer, New World Broadcasting H U
1987 Papitto, Ralph Founder & Chairman, Nortek, Inc. H U
1987 Moritz, Charles Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Dun & Bradstreet S,H G
1987 Arpin, Paul Owner & President, Paul Arpin Van Lines H G
1988 Greenspan, Alan Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System 1987-2006 S,H U
1988 Franklin, John Hope Professor Emeritus of History, Duke University 1985- H U
1988 Sarkisian, Norman Owner, President, The Beacon Group H U
1988 Solow, Robert M. 1978 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science H U
1988 Bailey, William Oliver Vice Chairman, AETNA Life & Casualty S,H G
1988 Parkos, Gregory T. President, Spaulding Company H G
1988 Tillinghast, Walter C. President, Whittaker Corporation H G
1989 Kiam, Victor K., II CEO. President, Remington Products Incorporated S,H U
1989 Carey, C. William Chairman, CEO, Town & Country Corporation H U
1989 Krupp, Douglas S. Co-Chairman, Krupp Companies H U
1989 Smith, Anne Mollegen Group Editorial Director, Working Woman/McCall's Group H U
1989 Murray, J. Terrance Chairman, President, CEO, Fleet/Norstar Financial Group, Inc. S,H G
1990 Lord, Bette Bao Author  S,H U
1990 Lord, Winston U.S. Ambassador to China, 1985-1989 S,H U
1990 Goddard, Robert H.I. Senior Partner, Brown & Ives, Business Leader, Humanitarian H U
1990 Monteiro, M.J. Executive Vice President, 3M's International Operations H U
1990 O'Hara, William President, Bryant University 1976-1989 H U
1990 Wharton, Clifton R. CEO, Teachers Insurance Annuity Association and College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF) S,H G
1990 Menard, Stanley C. President, Menard Enterprises H G
1990 Walter Mondale U.S. Vice President, 1977-1981 H May 31, 1990
1991 Darman, Richard Director, Office of Management and Budget 1989-1993 S,H U
1991 Bok, Joan Toland Chair, New England Electric System H U
1991 Cisneros, Henry G. Mayor, San Antonio, Texas 1981-1989 H U
1991 Ericson, Karl F. Partner, KPMG Peat Marwick H U
1991 Ijiri, Yuji Author, Member of Accounting Hall of Fame H U
1991 Mondor, Bernard G. Owner, Pawtucket Red Sox H U
1991 Oster, Richard Michael Group Managing Director, Cookson Group, plc. S,H G
1992 Mosbacher, Robert A., Sr. Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce 1989-1992 S,H U
1992 Mosbacher, Georgette CEO, La Prairie Inc. 1987-1991 S,H U
1992 Tierney, Cornelius E. General Partner, National Director, Ernst & Young H U
1992 Dolan, Beverly F. Chair, President, CEO, Textron, Inc. H U
1992 Gates, Henry Louis, Jr. Professor, Harvard University  1991- H U
1992 Jarvis, Clarence H. President, Jarvis Knitting and Conrad-Jarvis Corporation H U
1992 Cornelius, Charles B. Chair, Bryant Board of Trustees H June 5, 1992
1992 Craig, George C. Dean of Admissions, Bryant H June 5, 1992
1992 Delmonico, Frank '62 Vice President for Business Affairs, Bryant H June 5, 1992
1992 Gulski, Nelson '26 Dean and Acting President, Bryant H June 5, 1992
1992 Hagan, Joseph Vice President for Public Affairs, Bryant H June 5, 1992
1992 Hillier, J. Robert Bryant Smithfield Campus Architect; Bryant Trustee H June 5, 1992
1992 Hindel, Edward F. Attorney, Edwards & Angell; Bryant Trustee H June 5, 1992
1992 Hochberg, Gertrude Meth Director of Public Relations, Bryant H June 5, 1992
1992 Jacobs, E. Gardner '21 Bryant Trustee and Chancellor H June 5, 1992
1992 Libutti, L. Albert Construction Foreman, Unistructure H June 5, 1992
1992 Manion, Thomas Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Bryant H June 5, 1992
1992 Mercer, Lionel Building Committee Chair, Bryant H June 5, 1992
1992 Smith, Walter Physical Plant Director, Bryant H June 5, 1992
1992 Tupper, Earl Founder of Tupperware, donated Smithfield campus H June 5, 1992
1993 Thurow, Lester C. Dean, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management 1987-1993 S,H U
1993 Gray, William H. III CEO, United Negro College Fund 1991-2004 H U
1993 Dupont, Mary Louise Partner-in-Charge, Human Resources, KMPG Peat Marwick H U
1993 Goldstein, Stanley P. Co-founder, Consumer Value Stores (CVS) H U
1993 Graboys, George Former Chairman& CEO, Citizens Financial Group, Inc. S,H G
1994 Cosby, William H., Jr. Actor, Comedian - Honorary degree revoked in 2015 S,H U
1994 Alpert, Warren Founder, Warren Equities, Inc., Warren Alpert Foundation H U
1994 Kolton, Paul Former Chairman, American Stock Exchange H U
1994 Lemieux, Joseph H. Chairman of the Board, CEO, Owens-Illinois, Inc. H U
1994 Pfeiffer, Jane Cahill Chairman of the Board, National Broadcasting Company (NBC) H U
1994 Snowden, Guy B. Chairman, CEO, GTECH Corporation H U
1994 Hamblett, Stephen Chairman of the Board, Publisher, CEO, Providence Journal Company S,H G
1995 Fish, Lawrence K. Chairman, President, CEO, Citizen's Financial Group, Inc. S,H U
1995 Chu, Michael President, CEO, ACCION International H U
1995 Parks, Rosa Louise Civil Rights Leader H U
1995 White, John Hazen Sr. Chairman, CEO, Taco, Inc. H U
1995 Berard, Gerlad J. Volunteer, Winner of Presidential Action Award H U
1995 Chappell, Katherine Cheney Co-Founder, Vice President, Tom's of Maine H U
1995 Chappell, Thomas M. Co-Founder, President, Tom's of Maine S,H G
1996 Yetter, Wayne P. President, CEO, Astra Merck Inc. S,H U
1996 Bello, George E.  Executive Vice President, Controller, Reliance Group Holdings H U
1996 Lohrum, Fred C. Chairman, President, CEO, Rhode Island Hospital Trust National Bank H U
1996 Selya, Bruce M.  U.S. District Court Judge, Court of Appeals in Providence, R.I. 1982-2000 H U
1996 Syms, Marcy President, COO, Syms Corp. H G
1996 Holland, Robert, Jr. President, CEO, Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc. S,H G
1997 Meirelles, Henrique de Campos  President, CEO, BankBoston S,H U
1997 Kraft, Robert K. Owner, CEO New England Patriots H U
1997 Papitto, Barbara A. Bryant Board of Trustees, 1987-1996 H U
1997 Scharz-Schilling, Christian Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Germany H U
1997 Lau, Joanna T. President, Lau Technologies S,H G
1998 Taylor, Thomas A. President, CEO, Amica Mutual Insurance Co. S,H U
1998 Clanton, Jae Executive Director, Urban League of Rhode Island H U
1998 Stempel, Ernest E. Director, American International Group, Inc. H U
1998 McCabe, Robert L. Chairman of Retail Subsidies, New England Electric System S,H G
1998 Gaebe, Morris J.W. Chancellor, Chairman of the Board, Johnson & Wales University H G
1999 Benson, James Chairman, President, CEO, New England Financial S,H U
1999 Gadiesh, Orit Chairman, CEO, Bain & Company, Boston 1993- H U
1999 Wolfe, John E. President, CEO, Metrisa, Inc. H U
1999 Budd, Wayne A. Group President, New England-Bell Atlantic 1996-2000 S,H G
1999 Congdon, George F., II Executive Vice-President, Trustee, Liberty Property Trust H G