Smith House

Smith House, Bryant University, Smithfield, RIThis home, also known as the Aime Mowry House, was built sometime between 1767 and 1809. When Earl Tupper purchased this homestead in 1954 he connected it to the nearly adjacent Joseph Mowry house via an additional structure. This Tupper homestead, consisting of 3 connected houses, was once located on the site of the Unistructure.

In June 1970, as Bryant's new campus was being constructed, Smith House, along with the Joseph Mowry House (Alumni House), was moved to its current location (John Mowry Road). The newer structure was sold to a private party and moved to a location on Brayton Road, Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Refurbished by BRYCOL (a student run enterprise) in 1975, this structure was nicknamed Smith House most likely after the caretakers of the Tupper property, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Smith. Also, Walter Smith, former director of Bryant's physical plant, lived on campus during the construction of the Smithfield campus (1969-1971) but it is not certain where he stayed on the Bryant campus.

Smith House was renovated once again in 1999 to provide an on campus residence for senior administrative staff.  Since 2015, the house has been the residence of the Provost of the University, Glenn Sulmasy, as well as his wife Marla and their seven children.