Library Services - Special Collections Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that physical access to Library Special Collections is available to alumni and members of the Bryant Community in a controlled environment. Materials in this collection can be fragile and are not replaceable. It is the role of the library to ensure that these items are available and preserved for both present and future users.

Special Collections at Bryant consists of the following:

  1. Bryant University institutional history (yearbooks, University publications, Bryant memorabilia, etc.)
  2. First editions
  3. Autographed copies
  4. World War II letters
  5. Faculty federation papers
  6. Business education history
  7. Art and realia

These collections are set apart from publicly available collections because of their uniqueness, rarity, and/or because some items are very fragile.

Access to most Special Collection materials are limited to the Bryant Community — Bryant trustees, Bryant staff and library users possessing a Bryant ID or a Bryant Alumni Card. The Special Collections are housed in “library staff only” areas and are not available for general browsing. Research and Instruction staff will ask requestors to remain at the Research and Instruction Desk while the requested item/information is retrieved. Special Collections items are library use only.

In-house use of Special Collections materials requires a Bryant ID or Alumni Card. An Alumni Card can be requested from the Alumni Office during regular business hours. If the Alumni Office is closed at the time of the request, efforts will be made to verify that the requestor is a member of the Bryant Community. The latest edition of the Bryant University Alumni Directory is available in Ready Reference (REF.LD.649.8 .A125) and may be of some assistance if further identification is needed. Please note that this directory is not a comprehensive listing of all Bryant Alumni.

Once desired items are obtained from Special Collections users will be advised to handle all items carefully, especially if items will be photographed, photocopied, or scanned. Some images and documents are available on the library’s web site, and further photographing and scanning may not be allowed. Users may be asked to use Special Collections items in a supervised location.

Any member of the Bryant Community wishing to view an item from Special Collections should make an appointment. Hours are 9am – 4pm, Monday through Friday. Appointments can be made via email ( or by phone 401-232-6299. For further information about this collection and/or access please contact the library director at 401-232-6298.

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