Research and Instruction Policy

Krupp Library Commitment to Service Excellence

We connect patrons with quality resources to assist with your research and assignments.

We support the University’s mission of educating and inspiring students to discover their passion, become innovative leaders with character, and make a difference around the world. We provide excellent research service to Bryant students, faculty, staff and as well as alumni and patrons in the surrounding community.  This service respects and protects users’ rights to privacy and confidentiality.  The Krupp Library is committed to diversity, intellectual freedom and life-long learning.

We will:

  • Provide timely, appropriate, helpful, and courteous service whether asked in person, online, or by phone.
  • Be approachable, polite, efficient, and knowledgeable.
  • Respect patron privacy and confidentiality.
  • Make informed referrals when appropriate.

Whom We Serve, and Why

The primary community served by the Douglas & Judith Krupp Library consists of current students, faculty, and staff of Bryant University.  Alumni, patrons of the HELIN Consortium and outside community are also provided services, after all Bryant students have been served. Assistance from library research and instruction services is available to all individuals on site, by telephone, by email and through online Ask a Librarian services.

Research service provided by a Bryant librarian as a professional courtesy to outside users (other librarians, independent researchers, etc.) does not take the place of services provided by their primary library—whether school, public, academic or special.  In some instances, it will be appropriate to ascertain that outside users have already exhausted the resources of those libraries, or to refer such clients to other appropriate libraries, especially when we do not have the specialized resources needed or the professional expertise to handle their queries.

Types of Research and Instruction Services

Research Assistance: When assisting library users one-on-one with information requests that require the in-depth use of one or more reference sources, staff instruct and guide them on the use of information resources in order to teach them how to obtain information for the present need and for the future.  Staff always determines the needs of the library user, engaging him/her with a series of questions to clarify the request.  When appropriate, staff will suggest making a person-to-person appointment with a librarian for in depth research questions.

Library Instruction:  Staff schedule formal library instruction classes when a course assignment requires information resources.  Faculty must schedule sessions directly with the librarian who will meet with the class.  Generally, classes will be scheduled with a one week minimum lead time.  Instructors are highly encouraged to be present during a library instruction session.

Electronic Reference Service:  Library users can pose reference questions to the Reference Desk through email, IM and text services.  These questions do not take priority over walk-ins or phone questions, but are answered in a quick and timely manner.  Requests made through these services will address academic and research needs. The librarians and staff reserve the right to discontinue service to clientele who communicate inappropriately or ask non-academic questions.  Patrons should adhere to the Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy when using library computers.

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