AI & Information Literacy Reading List

April 17th, 2023

There's a lot of information out there about developments in AI. Here are some readings we recommend to help you explore this topic.

Caines, A. (2023, January 19). Prior to (or instead of) using ChatGPT with your students. Is a Liminal Space.

Chen, B. X. (2022, December 21). How to Use ChatGPT and Still Be a Good Person. The New York Times.

Chen, B. X. (2023, February 1). A.I. Bots Can’t Report This Column. But They Can Improve It. The New York Times.

Donadel, A. (2023, February 14). ChatGPT a cheating tool? These educators think you’re looking at it wrong. University Business.

Faculty Members Still Aren’t Sure What to Make of ChatGPT. (2023, March 17). The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Grant, N., & Metz, C. (2023, March 21). Google Releases Bard, Its Competitor in the Race to Create A.I. Chatbots. The New York Times.

Griffith, T. L. (2023, February 14). Why using AI tools like ChatGPT in my MBA innovation course is expected and not cheating. The Conversation.

Guest Post: AI Will Augment, Not Replace | Inside Higher Ed. (2022, December 14).

How Generative AI Is Changing Creative Work. (2022, November 14).

Hutson, M. (2021). Robo-writers: The rise and risks of language-generating AI. Nature, 591(7848), 22–25.

Liebrenz, M., Schleifer, R., Buadze, A., Bhugra, D., & Smith, A. (2023). Generating scholarly content with ChatGPT: Ethical challenges for medical publishing. The Lancet Digital Health, 5(3), e105–e106.

McMutrie, B. (2023, January 1). Will ChatGPT Change the Way You Teach? The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Mollick, E. (2023, February 9). Why All Our Classes Suddenly Became AI Classes. Harvard Business Publishing.

Muscanell, N., & Robert, J. (2023, February 14). EDUCAUSE QuickPoll Results: Did ChatGPT Write This Report? EDUCAUSE Review.

Naughton, J. (2023, January 7). The ChatGPT bot is causing panic now – but it’ll soon be as mundane a tool as Excel. The Observer.

Needleman, E. (2023, January 17). Would Chat GPT Get a Wharton MBA? New White Paper By Christian Terwiesch. Mack Institute for Innovation Management.

Rosenblatt, K. (2023, January 24). ChatGPT passes MBA exam given by a Wharton professor. NBC News.

Rudolph, J., Tan, S., & Tan, S. (2023). ChatGPT: Bullshit spewer or the end of traditional assessments in higher education? Journal of Applied Learning and Teaching, 6(1), Article 1.

Sample, I.,. (2023, January 26). Science journals ban listing of ChatGPT as co-author on papers. The Guardian.

Stokel-Walker, C. (2022). AI bot ChatGPT writes smart essays—Should professors worry? Nature.

van Dis, E. A. M., Bollen, J., Zuidema, W., van Rooij, R., & Bockting, C. L. (2023). ChatGPT: Five priorities for research. Nature, 614(7947), 224–226.

We’re getting a better idea of AI’s true carbon footprint. (2022, November 14). MIT Technology Review.


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