Planning for the 2024 Solar Eclipse? Here's What to Know

April 4th, 2024

NASA image 2015 total eclipse taken in Norway

Whether you are an umbraphile or looking for something to do with your friends, join us on April 8th outside of the Bello Center. We will have a limited supply of glasses provided by a grant through SEAL (Solar Eclipse Activities for Libraries)!

How do I keep myself safe?

As magnificent as the solar eclipse will be, safety comes first! Viewing the sun during an eclipse without the proper safety precautions can lead to permanent eye damage.

You may be asking, if the Sun is obscured by <90% then why isn’t it safe to look at it? 

The answer lies in the fact that there’s still direct optical (visible) light from the Sun, but also the higher energy ultraviolet light is still present. Think about the summer, when you use sun block to protect your skin from solar ultraviolet light. Our eyes still need this protection!

Solar Eclipse Safety & FAQ

Solar Eclipse Eye Safety - American Academy of Ophthalmology ( 

How the Sun Can Burn Your Retina in Seconds (Video) - American Academy of Ophthalmology 

Total Solar Eclipse FAQ 

How the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse Is Different than the 2017 Eclipse- NASA 

What will I see? Does location matter?

NASA image 2024 Total Eclipse path of totality

You may be wondering what’s your closest shot at catching a front row seat? Well, the best way would be in a community that is on the path of totality, like Buffalo NY, Burlington VT and Lancaster NH, just to name a few.


Check out these links to visualize the eclipse

Eyes on the Solar System: 2024 Total Solar Eclipse- NASA

explore historical cloud coverage data- Harvard, Cosmic data stories

Dine’ (Navajo) Indigenous Cultural Practices and Stories for an Eclipse

We’ve included some information about the Dine’ cultural practices surrounding eclipses below, by exploring other perspectives, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the ways in which different societies interpret and interact with the natural world:

Indigenous Eclipse Teachings (Video)- Rachel Tso

Navajo (Diné) Knowledge of the Cosmos- Exploratorium

Reading List - On Display in the Library

Check out the books we have on display about the science, cultural and historical significance of eclipses:

In the Shadow of the Moon: The Science, Magic and Mystery of Solar Eclipses by Anthony F Aveni 

Babylon to Voyager and Beyond: A History of Planetary Astronomy by David Leverington 

Cosmology for the Curious by Delia Perlov and Alex Vilenkin 

Early Man and the Cosmos by Eva Handingham 

Echoes of the Ancient Skies by E.C Krupp 

Hindsight and Popular Astronomy by Alan B Whiting 

In the Beginning: After COBE and Before the Big Bang by John Gribbin 

Night has a Thousand Eyes: A Naked-eye Guide to the sky, its Science and Lore by Arthur R Upgren 

Night watch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe by Terence Dickinson 

The Complete Astrological Handbook for the Twenty-first Century by Anistasia R. Miller and Jared M. Brown 

The Edge of the Sky: All You Need to Know About the All-There-Is by Roberto Trotta 

The New Cosmos: Answering Astronomy's Big Questions by David J Eicher 

The Story of Astronomy by Lloyd Motz and Jefferson Hane Weaver 

The Universe and its Origins: From Ancient Myth to Present Reality and Fantasy by S Fred Singer 

Totality: The great American Eclipses of 2017 and 2024 by Mark Littman and Fred Espenak 

Transit of Venus: 1631 to the Present by Nick Lomb 

Welcome to the Universe : An Astrophysical Tour by Neil deGrasse Tyson 

As a reminder, all the books in the exhibit cases are available for circulation, so if you see something you would like to read, just ask a library staff member for assistance and we will happily check it out for you!

Eclipses in Pop Culture

To celebrate this significant event, we've compiled a list of a few tv shows and films that feature eclipses and other celestial phenomena:


"The Simpsons," Episode: "Marge vs. the Monorail" (1993), Directed by Rich Moore

"Sailor Moon Crystal" (Season 3, 2015), Directed by Munehisa Sakai


Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

Back to the Future Part II (1989)

Berserk (1997–1998)

The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002)

Apocalypto (2006)

Dragonball Evolution (2009)

Melancholia (2011)

Avatar: The Way of Water (2022)

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