Student Scholarship for Earth Day

April 22nd, 2021

Climate, Complacency and American Culture: The Role of Narrative in the Era of the Misinformation Amid the Anthropocene
Kayla Bathala

Life as it is, and Where I Want it to be
Christopher Black

BIPOC Communities and Environmental Humanities
Liza Gonzalez

The Center of the World
Chris Fryer

Environmental Connections: The Interactions Between the Work Environment and Green Spaces
Jared Wu, Jason Butler, and Benjamin Barnhartt

The Complicated Family Reunion
Cameron Chabot

Investing in a Green Future: Universities and Renewable Energy
Tommy Kimmell, Philip Kimmell, Matthew Sorensen, Cameron Ruggiero, and Ben Coit

Measuring the Size of Bryant’s Ecological Footprint
Benjamin Martin and Gianny Pires

A Storm’s a Brewin’
Olivia Tsamparlis and Gina Tarantino

Living in the Plantationocene
Joshua Turner

The Road Ahead
Chloe Tilley

The cover of our second undergraduate journal featuring a lovely bee.


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