Talking About Politics: The Israeli-Hamas War

November 1st, 2023

Professors John Dietrich and Jeremy Pearson, who study the region and who have traveled there will be assisted by Dymond Bush, a research librarian who can provide numerous sources of background information and details on points raised. There will be brief presentations and then much time for questions and comments from the audience.

Maps of Israel/Gaza over time

Israel's borders explained in maps- BBC News

Maps of Israel's history- CFI UK

Iron Wall

Israel announces completion of security barrier around Gaza- AP News

Israel completes ‘iron wall’ underground Gaza barrier- Al Jazeera

Gaza Tunnels

Israel targets Hamas’s labyrinth of tunnels under Gaza- BBC News

Inside Hamas's vast and complex tunnel network beneath Gaza- CBC News

Background Information

Global Conflict Tracker: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict- Council on Foreign Relations

Palestine Liberation Organization- Encyclopedia Britannica

The Question of Palestine- United Nations

Islam Religion vs. Arab ethnicity- PBS

Palestinian Refugees- UN RWA

Age Demographics- NPR

Background on Hamas

What is Hamas?- CFR

Hamas- Encyclopedia Britannica

Hamas funding- US Department of the Treasury

What is Hezbollah?- CFR

Previous Wars and Agreements

Arab-Israeli War - US Department of State

Six Day War- Wilson Center

Camp David Accords- US Department of State

Intifadas- Vox 

Oslo Accords- Al Jazeera

Israeli Disengagement- ADL

The Hamas Attacks and Israeli Response: An Explainer- Jewish Currents

Hamas 'abduction manual' shows that hostage-taking was a central aim of attack- NBC News

US Interests/ Biden Visit

New York Times Biden Faces Risks in Wartime Visit to Israel- New York Times 

White House Statement from Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on President Biden’s Travel to Israel and Jordan 

Israel-Hamas war updates: Biden affirms his belief in a two-state solution- NPR

Biden's Trip to Israel Carries Risks for U.S. Policy- Wall Street Journal

How Americans View Israel, Netanyahu and U.S.-Israel relations in 5 charts- Pew Research

Western Support for Israel

US Allyship- Vox

9/11 Cautionary Tale- NPR

Casualty Rates Mosul-Iraq War- AP News 

Israel-Gaza crisis: US vetoes Security Council resolution- UN

Political divisions in Israel and in Palestinian leadership

Israelis have polarized views of Netanyahu, reflecting conflicts many see in Israeli society- Pew Research Center

Israeli Emergency Government- Washington Post

Netanyahu Corruption Trial- Brookings

Two State Solution

The War in Gaza and the Death of the Two-State Solution- Center for Strategic and International Studies

Israelis have grown more skeptical of a two-state solution- Pew Research Center

Jewish American Relationship to Israel

Most Jewish Americans have long-standing connections to Israel- Pew Research Center 

Americans In Israel-Aliyah/Birthright Program

Discussing the Israel-Hamas War with Young People- ADL

Humanitarian Crisis

The Israel-Hamas War: The Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza- CFR

Egypt, Jordan Refugees- AP News

Commission of Inquiry collecting evidence of war crimes committed by all sides in Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories since 7 October 2023- United Nations Human Rights 

The Rules of War and Human Rights in the Israel-Hamas War - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Middle East Relations

How Israel's relationship with Iran could impact the war - NPR

Iran's Revolution- Brookings Institute

Iran Today Will its government policies change? - CQ Researcher

2022 Report on International Religious Freedom: Lebanon- US Department of State

Migrant Workers

‘No work back home’: Lebanon’s foreign domestic workers fear Israel war- Al Jazeera

Saudi Arabia

Is a Saudi-Israel Normalization Agreement on the Horizon? - US Institute of Peace

Why Egypt and other Arab nations are hesitant to take in Palestinian refugees- PBS


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