Talking About Politics: "What is the Future of American Democracy?" Resource List

March 10th, 2022

Talking About Politics Resources

Starting this month we will be posting the resource lists for "Talking About Politics" here on the library blog. You'll be able to access the many of the resources the presenters used when preparing their talks as well as the research sources found to add to the conversation. Stay tuned for our first resource list, "What is the Future of American Democracy."

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What is the Future of American Democracy?

Democracy means the rule of the people, but there is little agreement in American politics today about who “the people” are and on who’s behalf they should rule. his conflict has been aggravated by partisan polarization, failing institutions, the weaponization of voting laws, a lack of social trust, the spread of disinformation, and many other factors. Additionally, recent polling indicates that 1 in 5 Americans favor some version of authoritarianism and a quarter of all Americans say that political violence may be necessary to “protect America”. These are some resources compiled for the March 1st discussion led by Professor Rich Holtzman.

Threats to American Democracy

The Fragile Republic: American Democracy Has Never Faced So Many Threats All at Once

Who Gets To Be A ‘Real American’ Has Always Been About Exclusion

Who is a Real American? Overwhelming Agreement on the Answer

Why Many Americans Might Be Increasingly Accepting Of Political Violence


Trust in US Institutions

Most Americans trust elections are fair, but sharp divides exist, a new poll finds

As GOP Legislators Push Voting Overhauls, Republican Confidence in Elections Remains Low


Elections, Voting Access & Laws

Republicans in Congress Should Update the Electoral Count Act Before It’s Too Late

After attacks on the 2020 election, secretary of state races take on new urgency

Republicans and Democrats Move Further Apart in Views of Voting Access

Voting Rights Litigation Tracker

After the ballots are counted: Conspiracies, political violence, and American exceptionalism

Fact Sheet: Protecting Against Voter Intimidation


Partisanship & Talking About Politics

Behind political polarization, there's a complex picture of partisans.

Keeping It Civil: How To Talk Politics Without Letting Things Turn Ugly 

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