Virtual Reality for Education, Relaxation, and Fun!

February 8th, 2023

The Data Visualization Lab, housed in the Bello Center for Information Technology and managed by Krupp Library staff is a space for faculty, staff, and students to expand learning beyond the classroom.  Faculty can incorporate VR/XR tools into their courses to provide immersive experiences for students.  Some examples of tools available include: 

  • Immersive locations around the world related to culture, geography, infrastructure, economics and more. 

  • VR Films, Documentaries, and Cinematic Experiences 

  • A tool for visualization and exploration of complex, high-dimensional data sets.  

  • Practice public speaking with a variety of audiences and locations.  Receive feedback and track progress on improvement in public speaking skills. 

  • A fun and fast-paced team building activity that includes testing communication and problem-solving skills. 

  • VR Meditation Experiences 

The DVL has hosted classes from Economics, English and Cultural Studies, Science, and Business, in addition to hosting co-curricular events for students in collaboration with student organizations. 

To explore opportunities for curricular use or student life activities, contact Laura Kohl ( in the library 

The Data Visualization Lab (DVL) was opened on April 1, 2019 with a grant of equipment from HP as part of the EDUCAUSE-HP Campus of the Future initiative. Located in Bello 101, the lab houses: 

Five HP Z-series graphics workstations 

Two HP Z VR Backpack workstations 

A 2×3 array of high-resolution, wall mounted digital displays 

High-resolution, 360 degree cameras for field use 

The workstations are equipped with Oculus Rift S and HP headsets and controllers, enabling fully-immersive, 6 DOF experiences such as 360 video and synthetic digital environments. The lab is supported by a team of staff drawn from Krupp Library, Academic Affairs, and Academic Computing.  


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